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    Professional Sign Installation and Comprehensive Maintenance Services

    Illuminate Your Brand with Albrecht Sign Company
    In a world where first impressions are everything, your sign and building lighting not only advertise your presence but are a beacon of your brand’s quality and professionalism. At Albrecht Sign Company, we specialize in ensuring that your signage and lighting not only capture attention but endure through time and elements.

    Your Full-Service Partner in Signage Excellence

    From dazzling LED displays to custom sign solutions, we offer expert sign installation services paired with meticulous maintenance to businesses nationwide. As daylight savings shifts your perception, it’s our mission to ensure your signs never lose their luster.

    Expert Maintenance for Unwavering Visibility

    Regular maintenance is vital in extending the lifespan of your signs and building lighting. Our seasoned professionals deliver end-to-end service solutions—from routine inspections and cleanings to emergency repairs. We address common issues like dimming lights, flickering LEDs, and electrical problems before they escalate, ensuring your signs remain pristine and your lighting flawless.

    Tailored Services for Every Need

    Our tailored maintenance plans are designed to suit your specific requirements, guaranteeing maximum visibility and functionality. Embrace the benefits of longevity and sustained image with our services, which include:

    • Routine Inspections: To catch and resolve issues promptly.
    • Professional Cleaning: Keeping your signs spotless and alluring.
    • LED Retrofitting: For energy efficiency and vibrant illumination.
    • Emergency Repairs: Because your business never sleeps, and neither do we.

    In-House Expertise That Saves Time and Money

    With a licensed master electrician on our team, you bypass the need for external contractors, reducing your costs and streamlining your service experience. As a fully-bonded and insured state-licensed electrical contractor (MN: CA05109), we handle every electrical need with precision and care.

    The Choice of National Vendors and Brokers

    Albrecht Sign Company is the preferred partner for national vendors and sign brokers seeking dependable, consistent service. Set up a Service Account with us and discover peace of mind with a company that adapts to meet a variety of special requirements.

    Let Your Signs Shine

    Don’t let the vital signs of your business dim. Contact Albrecht Sign Company, your local sign experts, and keep your brand’s beacon burning bright. Experience the quality service that extends the life and brilliance of your signs and building lighting.

    Electrical Problems?

    Tired of getting told to call an electrician? Albrecht Sign Company is a state-licensed electrical contractor (MN: CA05109). We are fully-bonded and insured and can take care of your electrical needs. Having an in-house master electrician on the Albrecht team saves clients time and money.

    National Accounts and Brokers

    Call or e-mail Albrecht to setup a Service Account. Albrecht provides installation and service work for national vendors and sign brokers. We routinely provide dependable service that meets a variety of special requirements.